Tanta’s Technical Support

Tanta Sophie knows from computers! Let her help you with all sorts of problems related to electronic gadgets — computers, VCRs, 8-track systems, CB radios, even electric razors. Everybody in her building knows. Tanta gives advice whether you want or not, free of charge!

Dear Tanta Sophie:
My Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop runs on an Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 chip with Intel 3945abg wireless LAN. I recently replaced Windows with Ubuntu 7.0. Now I can’t seem to get the wireless Internet to work, although it’s fine when plugged into cable modem. Do you think it’s a driver issue, or do I need to deal with the card chipset? — Unwired

Bubbe, you should count your blessings. Do you know how many people in the world don’t have Internet access at all? Always with you kids and these meshuggah operating systems. Enough already! Be a mensch and reinstall Windows 8.

Dear Tanta Sophie:
I have a strange intermittent problem with my computer, a Microtel SYSAM6005, which has a Intel 1.86 GHz CORE2 processor and a NVIDIA GeForce video card. My main monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 19″ LCD, and every now and then the image flickers or blinks. It’ll do this two or three times, and then no problems for a while. I’ve checked the cables and connections, both inside the box and between the PC and monitor. I even tried another monitor, an Acer LCD. Any ideas? — Puzzled

Oy my head is going to explode with all of the LCD-this and Ghz-that. Your video card is farcockt, bubbelah. Or maybe your motherboard has a dybbuk. Talk with your rabbi.

Dear Tanta Sophie:
We have two young children who have access to our desktop computer at home, and since we have broadband it is connected to the Internet all the time. Although we try to keep an eye on our kids’ online activities, it isn’t possible to watch them all the time. What sort of parental control software do you recommend? — Concerned Mom

The best parental control is your index finger. Turn off the computer, and the television set too, and send the kids outdoors. Is a little fresh air now and then too much to ask?

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